PDMOVIE have a new all-in-one handheld rig for the Blackmagic Design BMCC and BMPC 4K. The BMD ARMOR has two handles with dual thumb wheel controls for motorised zoom and focus, along with a start/stop trigger and an integrated battery to bolster the otherwise short battery life of those cameras. 

The BMD Armor rig can also be reconfigured for use on a tripod, with the handles relocated to a position more suitable for traditional live events and outside broadcast.


• Charge time: 10hrs
• Power camera: 3hrs
• HandGrips charge time: 5hrs
• Continuos usage: 2.5hrs*

*The continuos usage time of 3hrs refers to the motors spinning, so it can easily last an entire day of frequent usage.

Package Contents (Essential kit) :

1 x Main Body
2 x Multi-control handgrip
1 x Side-handgrip bridge plate

2 x 15mm Rods

2 x PD-MT-EF Standard Torque Motor (EF)

2 x PD-CB-04 Motor drive cable

2 x PD-BMD-CC Control cable
1 x BMD Charger for main body

£699.00 £1,199.00
PDMOVIE BMD-SR BMD Armor Studio/Shoulder Rig For BMCC/BMPC
BMD ARMOR has three operating modes: hand-hold, shoulder and live. The operating mode specialized for evening parties has broken the traditional idea that BMPC cannot make live cast. When operated by hand, controlling and zooming can be done using two handles directly, and the NERVE button will assist the recording as well. The shouldering applies seamless integration technologies and you can adjust the balance weight as your wish. You will feel the shoulder shooting quite balanced, light and handy.

BMPC is an excellent product, but it needs a lot of external equipments to attain a smooth operation, which causes headaches for the purists of art, and hence the need for an equipment that facilitates the BMPC's excellence has became urgent. Such equipment should be compatible for hand-hold, shoulder, and live cast so the BMPC's advantage can be maximized. It should also integrate all general utility functions to provide full control of the FOCUS, ZOOM, and allow you to do things like supplementary lighting and recording. The BMD ARMOR only consists of essential components without anything futile, and it will make everything simple again!


• Integrated handle
Comprising features from FOUCUS, ZOOM, live shooting to function modulation, this is not only a handle that integrates all the controlling functions, but rather a piece of art on which not a single screw can be found.

• Hidden battery
We have merged the battery inside the machine. The battery shape fits the body perfectly and has more than 4 hours' life which will certainly satisfy your shooting in a whole day.

 With zoom system
With zoom control system derived from REMOTE AIR good, this time we control the cable directly to the built-in BMD ARMOR inside the fuselage, obligate the expansion of the external receiver socket at the same time, prepare for later add wireless control.

• Integrated lens hood
We have designed a concise, integrated lens hood for the BMD ARMOR with gobos that open and close freely.

 Extraordinary detail
The BMD ARMOR aims at the upgrading of user's experience. For this reason, we focused on every aspect, every function and every display method we considered best fit to provide you the most delicate battery indicator, the simplest and most intuitive installation with perfect details. The more you use BMD ARMOR, the more beauty you will experience.


• Model:BA1
• Three shooting modes:In hand 、Shoulder 、Live
• F/Z system:
  Unibody design
  Opens and closes freely,gobo tightness adjustable
  Built-in LED for supplementary lighting with up to 4 hours' of continuous use
  Can be charged by USB adaptor or portable power sources
• Power and battery
  Built-in 21600mAh large battery,
  Battery life up to 4 hours for BMPC continuous shooting;
  Can be charged using an external battery or battery adapters.
• Compatibility:Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5K、Blackmagic Production Camera 4K

BMD-HR  BMD Armor Handheld Rig

package Contents:

1x Mainbody
2x Integrate handle
1x Cell phone connecting base 
2x 15MM tube
2x Motor
2x Motor cable 
2x Control cable 
1x Charger

BMD-SR  BMD Armor Studio Rig

Package Contents:

1x Mainbody
2x Integrate handle
1x Cell phone connecting base 
2x 15MM tube
2x Motor
2x Motor cable 
2x Control cable 
1x Charger
1x Top Handle 
1x Matte Box
1x Dovetail Plate
1x Shoulder Pad
£1,079.00 £1,799.00
PDMOVIE BMD-MB 15mm Rail Top Mounted Matte box (Build-in LED lights)

PDMOVIE BMD-MB Mattebox build-in LED lights. Combining a ring light and a Matte Box in a single item!


• Matte Box with Top Flag
• Simple and effective 1 piece design.
• Built in LED light, great for fill lighting.
• Top Mounted 15mm rail clamp
• 5v Lemo port for powering LEDs
• Ideal with BMD ARMOR cage, but can be used without.

Compatible with: 

PDMOVIE BMD-SR BMD Armor Studio/Shoulder Rig For BMCC/BMPC


• Charge time: 3hr
• Operation time: 3hr
• Weight: 430g

Package Contents:

1 x PDMOVIE BMD-MB Mattebox build-in LED lights

£169.00 £299.00
PDMOVIE A2-SC REMOTE AIR 2 Wireless Follow Focus Kit (Single Channel)

REMOTE AIR 2 is more than a new generation of REMOTE AIR but a new experience. We add more simple elements on the simple base. The new REMOTE AIR 2 combines receive part and dirve part perfectly, and the redesigned structure reduce its weight to 200G. And the brushless motor imported from German is impeccable, and can stably drive various professional camera lens such as Angenieux/Arri Ultra/Cooke.


- 7200 resolution
The brand new REMOTE AIR 2 adopts 2000 levels no contact high resolution laser component, and can reach 7200 resolution after optimized. In geneally, it divides the hand wheel of conroller into 7200 levels, and each small turn can disply on OLED screen, no matter how small the rotate is, REMOTE AIR 2 can react to it. Compared with 500 levels resolution of REMOTE AIR, the accuracy is increased 13.4 times.

- High-precision Brushless Motor
The new German imported, high-precision brushless motor runs smoothly even at high speed rotation, scarcely making a sound. It is PDMOVIES most professional standard motor. Due to the fine internal structure, the controller motor accommodates both receiver and driver, making it lighter, thinner and as compact as possible.

- Full and accurate OLED display screen
Although petite, it shows the most important contents. Shows current Channel in use, short press on OFF/ON Channel button to change channel ,It displays the signal strength of the Hand Control Unit and the receiver when interworking,it displays the controller battery charge remaining percentage,and displays receiver voltage.

- Lighter, thinner and more robust
We have controlled the weight of the motor, weighing a modest 170g. Thats 430g lighter compared to the 1st generation EF motor and 600g lighter compared to the max motor. The high torque, robust motor, much stronger than prevoius designs, can operate any lens on the market from affordable stills lenses to high-end cine lenses. It is PDMOVIES thinnest, lightest motor ever. Using high-end brushless motors for a silent and accurate result, perfect for gimbal and steadicam work thanks to its low-profile design measuring only 19mm thin.

- Magnetic noctilucent marking ring
Each distinctive follow focus shall have its unique marking method, and Remote Air 2 is even more so. Its marking ring achieves automatic decimal aligment simultaneously when it is attached to the controller rotary table. It employs magnetic attachment to mark the stroke scale, combining with Remote Air’s automatic stroke detection function, which make marking more rapid. When you use new lens, already aligned marking rings can be preserved, waiting for next use.

- 100M transmission distance
Using 2.4G wireless technology and full duplex mode for signal transmission can ensure no delay. And its anti-interference and error correction function, as well as the farthest 100M transmission distance can ensure stable operation.

- 30-hour battery endurance
Brand new Remote Air controller employs USB charging interface which could realize charge at anytime and anywhere. Portable power source is also applicable to it. REMOTE LIVE can be used for more than 30 hours under normal temperature. Its internal battery can provide more than 1000 times’ circulation of full charge and discharge. Besides, it can also achieve instant start within standby time of 30 days.


Remote Controller:
•  Weight:367g
Battery capacity:3000mHh
Battery voltage:3.7V
Charging voltage:5V IN
•  More than 30 hours’ operation time
•  More than 1000 times’ circulation of full charge and discharge
•  USB portable charging

•  Weight:182g
•  Dimensions:10.8x7.3x2.9mm
•  Torque:max0.5Nm
•  Working voltage:12~18V

• Module:Teeth:40
• Module:0.6 Teeth:60(Optional)        
• Module:0.5 Teeth:72(Optional)
• Module:0.4 Teeth:90(Optional)
•  Noise:< 28 Db 

•  2.4G(2.4GHZ wireless network) Channel(Shows current Channel in use, short press on OFF/ON Channel button to change channel )
Signal Level (It displays the signal strength of the Hand Control Unit and the receiver when interworking)
Tx (The controller battery charge remaining percentage)
Rx (Receiver voltage)

Wireless LAN:
•  2.4G Digital Wireless
•  Full duplex transmission mode
•  100M signal transmission distance

Memory function:
•  One-key stroke memorey function can record strokes of different lens
•  Manually set the(AB point)
•  Employing digital limitation function can guarantee the safety of the lens

Stroke detection:
•  Automatic detection
•  Automatic current and speed distribution
•  Automatic matching maximum speed


1x SC Remote(AIR 2)
1x Controller Motor(PD3-CM)
1x D-Tap Power Cable(6 pin)
1x USB charging cable(4 pin)
1x USB charger
1x 15/19mm Adapter ring
3x Marking Disc
2x Short Antenna
1x Foldable Antenna
1x Stripe
1x Hard Carry case